Starting with the clapping dance for Bathampton Scouts

February 2nd. Dancing with Bathampton Scouts

We had a wonderful couple of hours dancing with the boys, girls and leaders of Bathampton Scouts. Our Bag (who lives close-by) fixed the gig up; Andy masterminded it; Richard, Johns L and S and myself also participated. Not only was it hugely enjoyable, but it was noteworthy for the utterly outrageous programme that Andy devised:

We did a quick demo dance of Barthol Fair, then our usual ‘joining-in dance’ (led by John S).

THEN Andy proceeded to teach them ‘Valentine’ – complete with ‘beetle-crushers’ and ‘RTB’s* – and they danced it! When you would have thought it was only fair to let the poor young people sit down for a bit, Andy got them dancing ‘Country Gardens’ – and they danced it! Finally (and thankfully without that dreadful song), the Scouts joined in with Bonnie Green Garters.

* Technical terms for what Steve calls ‘mysterious leg movements’

Scouts and Morris men, dancing and playing tunes.
Dancing with Bathampton Scouts. Feb 2024 (Photo courtesy Bathampton Scouts)