Dancing in the pub, hankies touching the ceiling.

Plough Sunday Lunch

From Horningsham Church we moved on to the lovely function room of the Full Moon Inn in Rudge. There was comfortably room there for about 3 dozen dancers and partners, a bar, a warm fire (did I say it was cold in the Church?) and even enough space for determined Morris dancers to play and dance. Though, as the photo at the top shows, we did do a little cobweb hunting on the ceilings with our hankies.

Playing a concertina, tambourine & melodeon.
In ‘Musician’s Corner’ at the Full Moon.

It was an excellent meal, served promptly and attentively. The crumble was a highlight for me!

Kevin proposed the toast to the immortal memory of Cecil J Sharp, our new Squire proposed the toast to Mrs Oakey, our founder, and thanked a number of people, in particular our out-going Squire Ken, who was presented with a weighty tankard (immediately taken back for engraving). We took a moment to remember lost friends.

Then there was a touch more music and a lot more chat, before we made our way back out into the cold, for a little recuperation before the evening’s entertainment.