Dancing 'signposts' in Horningsham Church.

Plough Sunday Service and Squiremaking

What a day we had on Plough Sunday!

It started with us joining the congregation at Horningsham Church for their Plough Sunday service. It’s a lovely church, with angels carved into the beams. But very cold – must remember to wear another layer next year.

After the farmers had been up to help bless the plough we danced in to ‘Speed the Plough’, of course. Then Thom danced his jig and Ken handed over the Squire’s badge, to complete the process of Thom taking over as new Squire of the side.

The Fool made us laugh and stopped mercifully soon (did I mention it was cold sitting in the Church?). Then it was time for ‘Signposts’ led by Andy, with his brother in his kit as Squire of Exeter Morris at the front of the side.

Our new Squire, sporting a surprise new hat led into Saturday night, and we processed off.

Processing out, led by our new Squire.

After the blessing, we joined the congregation for thankfully warm coffee and cakes.