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  • Green Man, Bradford-on-Avon

    Green Man, Bradford-on-Avon

    The sun came out, the crowds came out, and Morris dancers of all sorts descended on Bradford-on-Avon for the Green Man festival. It seemed like in every corner there were bells, music and dancers catching their breath in whatever shade they could find. Bathampton Morris danced as part of the opening ceremony and then again…

  • Plough Sunday Lunch

    Plough Sunday Lunch

    From Horningsham Church we moved on to the lovely function room of the Full Moon Inn in Rudge. There was comfortably room there for about 3 dozen dancers and partners, a bar, a warm fire (did I say it was cold in the Church?) and even enough space for determined Morris dancers to play and…

  • Plough Sunday Service and Squiremaking

    Plough Sunday Service and Squiremaking

    What a day we had on Plough Sunday! It started with us joining the congregation at Horningsham Church for their Plough Sunday service. It’s a lovely church, with angels carved into the beams. But very cold – must remember to wear another layer next year. After the farmers had been up to help bless the…

  • Rollright Stones

    Rollright Stones

    A highlight of our “Welsh Tour” of the eastern Cotswolds in July was an early stop at the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire. In between the showers, we danced first in front of the ‘Whispering Knights’ and then in the main circle. Much to the bemusement of some early-rising French tourists, who took this group photo.

  • Bledington


    Bledington in Oxfordshire has given Cotswold Morris dances like ‘Young Collins’. Unfortunately there’s no longer an active side in the village. But they do have a very smart Village Hall, where we camped out overnight on our July 2023 ‘Welsh Tour’. We spent a happy and comfortable evening, eating and playing music at the King’s…

  • Monkton Farleigh Fête

    Monkton Farleigh Fête

    Monkton Farleigh have one of the best views in the county for their Summer Fête. We had what must have been the largest joining-in dance of the season: a huge circle of happy clappers and skippers.

  • Horningsham and North Brewham

    Horningsham and North Brewham

    After the chill of Plough Sunday, it was good to come back to Horningsham on a warm summer evening for a few dances outside the Bath Arms. Then further south, to the charming Old Red Lion in North Brewham (main picture). The villagers knew we were coming and turned out to see us dance on…

  • Monkton Combe, Midford, Wellow

    Monkton Combe, Midford, Wellow

    We rounded off our May dates with an evening that started at the Wheelwrights Arms in Monkton Combe, where the early evening patrons were treated to some lively dancing in the sunshine. There’s a bit of a slope which adds to the entertainment. Then on to a secret crossroads in Midford to dance for and…