March 10th. Squire’s Sunday

It’s a long time since most of these dancers did any leapfrogging. Photo: David Marsh

The second of our Squire’s Sundays at the legendary Tuckers Grave pub near Faulkland in Somerset brought together dancers and musicians from Bathampton Morris, the Bounds of Selwood, Cam Valley Morris, Holt Morris and White Horse Morris for an informal evening of dancing. No tribal costumes; no ‘show dances’ – we just mixed up a Cotswold repertoire with a good dose of Border and saw what happens.

A visiting family from Pennsylvania mistook our skittle alley for the bar itself, and by the end of the evening were very glad they did so. I’ll bet their daughter Victoria had no idea that, by the end of the evening, she would have mastered the basics of Morris in our Joining In dance.

The next Squire’s Sunday is scheduled for Sunday 19th May.

Four Squires: L-R: Alfie (Holt), Thom (Bathampton); Mike (White Horse); Gwen (Bounds). Photo: Alfie Windsor

Photo: Alfie Windsor

Photo: Alfie Windsor